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Many wood products are made from recycled wood. Particleboard and medium density fibreboard are made from the residue when a softwood sawmill converts logs into sawn timber. This residue is often termed pre-consumer recycled content.

Some pre-consumer residue from converting hardwood and softwood logs into sawn timber, is also processed into paper. Other residues are processed into horticultural products and/or used to generate renewable bio-energy.

Many recycled products are made from post-consumer waste wood. This is wood that has had an initial life in a building or other structure, as wood packaging or furniture. Two particleboard manufacturers in Australia now also use post-consumer recycled wood in the production of their new particleboard.

Recycled solid timber is salvaged from the demolition of structures such as old warehouses, factories, bridges, power poles, wharves and houses.

Only very limited supplies of recycled timber are available. The recycled timber industry estimates that there is currently a maximum of 60,000 cubic metres of timber suitable for recycling around Australia. To put that in context, Australian's use over 4.5 million cubic metres of sawn timber each year.

Having said that, some recycled timber is of a size, species and quality that is either not available anymore or very difficult to obtain in new timber. Some of the timber coming out of deconstructed structures would have originally come from what is termed today "old growth forests".

Thus, there is inestimable value in treasuring this resource and using it in as higher value and long lived, application as possible.

Sources of recycled timber and wood products can be found in the Reuse and Recycling Directory of the National Timber Product Stewardship Group .

Australian Wood Panels Association
AWPA is an organisation formed to promote the use of reconstituted wood products such as MDF and Particleboard and further research and development to conserve the agricultural and forestry resources of Australia. 
National Timber Product Stewardship Group National Timber Product Stewardship Group
The National Timber Product Stewardship Group (NTPSG) is an initiative of the timber and wood products industry to double the recovery of post-consumer timber and wood products.

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