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Termite Management for Builders
Termite behaviour
Termite Risk Management Requirements in the BCA
Other Statutory and Legal Implications
Termite Management Standards
A Focus on AS3660.1
Sub-floor Ventilation Requirements
High Risk Sites Require Special Attention
Creating a Manageable Process
- 1: Assessing Site Risks
- 2: Assessing and Acting Upon Design Risks
- 3: Selecting an Appropriate Termite Management System
- 4: Quality of System Installation
- 5: Preventing Problems During Landscaping, Paving and Site Works
- 6: Handing Over to the Building Owner
What is the Risk of Major Damage from Termites?
Appendix A - Termite Resistant Timbers
Appendix B - State Variations to the BCA
Appendix C - Termite Management System Handover Form
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Appendix A – Termite Resistant Timbers

The timbers listed below represent a summarised account of those in AS3660.1 (2000) and have been guided by commercial availability in different locations iin Australia.

Timbers exhibiting natural resistance to subterranean termites in Australia do so with a number of conditions attached. Detailed conditions are in AS3660.1 but some notable aspects are that:

  • Resistance relates to the heartwood only.
  • Resistance varies from tree to tree as well as within the same tree.
  • Resistance will be better for timber used above ground compared to below ground.
  • Different timber species have different levels of resistance to various species of termite.


 Table 3: Naturally Resistant Australian Hardwoods
 Red bloodwood
 Spotted gum
 White mahogany
 New England blackbutt
 Forest red gum
 Coast grey box
 Southern mahogany
 River red gum
 Grey gum
 Gympie messmate
 Grey box
 Grey ironbark
 Red mahogany
 Red ironbark
 Forest red gum
 Brush box
 Cypress (Australian)

Timbers treated against termite attack must attain appropriate levels of treatment to suit the application involved. Further details are in AS1604 but a selection guide is shown below:

 Treatment Level
 Interior, above the ground H2 or H2F*
 Exterior, above the ground H3
 Exterior in ground contact  H4 or H5**

* H2F is only resistant to termites below the Tropic of Capricorn.
** Use H5 where ground water is present.