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Stress grades and timber sizes combine to determine the spanning ability of load carrying members. Span tables allow users to choose an appropriate size and stress grade to achieve spanning needs. For simple construction, such as domestic construction, this can be determined from span table supplements in AS 1684.2 and AS 1684.3.

For multi-unit residential construction software the Timber Solutions software has the capability to be changed to undertake design for these buildings.

Refer to the relevant sections of this web site for span tables specific to decks, stairs, handrails and balustrades.

For other load conditions spans can be determined from proprietary computer programs commonly used by timber producers.

News Alert: Important Information about F7 and Outdoor -Treated Pine Structural Timber
(PDF, 0.7 MB)
Timber Development Association
Supply changes mean that Builders, Designers and Specifiers may not be able to source their usual Outdoor Treated timber. This important alert notifies industry of the likely changes to designs and construction.
Plywood Box Beam Span Tables for Detached Housing Construction
(PDF, 5.0 MB)
Forest & Wood Products Australia
Plywood box beams are lightweight, simple to fabricate, conventionally stable and, with good design, structurally efficient and economical. The options provided in the following span tables are designed according to limit state design theory and for winds speeds up to N3. The span tables open up new options for beams incorporated into walls, portal frames and other typical long span applications.
Timber Information Bulletin 1: Seasoned Floor Joists
(PDF, 0.2 MB)
Australian Timber Importers Federation
Timber Information Bulletin 2 - Handrails and Balustrades
(PDF, 0.8 MB)
Australian Timber Importers Federation
Timber Users Guide 4 - Imported Hardwood Decking Specifications
(PDF, 0.1 MB)
Forest & Wood Products Australia
Primary design software program that includes generic span tables for various building elements excluding verandah beams. Enable users to select sizes and load conditions to generate suitable member sizes and grades.
Timber Solutions Software
Forest & Wood Products Australia
Timber Solutions is a design software package developed initially to provide tables for AS1684, Residential timber framed construction. It is now available as a standalone package which complements the standard.

The package can output generic tables or can be used to provide structural design solutions for individual houses. It may be used for single family house as well as multi-residential construction. Combinations of stress grades may be compared. Outputs include timber sizes, tie-down loads and bracing loads.

Timber Solutions is provided as a free download on an unsupported basis and is intended for use by appropriately trained design professionals.
Company specific design program for their LVL products. Program generates member sizes and grades but does not include span tables.
Carter Holt Harvey DesignIT Software
Carter Holt Harvey
DesignIT is a software tool for all building practitioners for the design of Carter Holt Harvey's Engineered Wood Products range and other selected materials for houses and similar structures. Quick and simple to use yet deceptively powerful software, designIT is useful for the selection of beam sizes without the need for engineering knowledge or the exercise of professional engineering judgement.
Company specific design software includes span tables for Hyne timber products as well as generating member sizes and grades according to load input.
Hyne Design Software
Hyne Design v6 incorporates the complete new range of Hyne structural product range and an extensive range of generic timber products to provide design solutions for a vast range of domestic construction applications to meet the appropriate Australian Standards. Hyne Design v6 provides design solutions in both single member and span table format. Included in Hyne Design v6 is Hyne Assist. Hyne Assist includes comprehensive product information, detailed design information, important fixing and connection guidelines, technical and material safety datasheets, and easy-to-follow instructions for using Hyne Design.
Wesbeam e-House Software
e-House is a bespoke software package that shows the customers how to maximise the benefits of working with Wesbeam LVL.
A company specific program that informs users whether the timber size selected satisfies the various load cases and conditions. Does not include span tables.
Tilling Timber Design Program (Smart Frame)
Tilling Timber
SmartFrame Design:
This module is a full engineering analysis routine, but set out in such a way that any user who can competently use span tables can easily get quick, accurate answers from the software. No other software package offers this level of sophistication in combination with ease of use.

SmartJoist Details:
Relevant construction details from an interactive graphics screen showing the general floor or roof layout, can be viewed or printed out to accompany any other documentation. Building Designers can import these details to their drawings to provide explicit construction details along with their layout drawings.
Company Specific software that generates span tables in accordance with input of various parameters.
Design Pine Software
Design Pine Software
Span tables and diagrams. A simple, easy to use assistant for designers, builders and architects to ensure correct specification of Design Pine.
Pryda Designer Solutions
Pryda Designer Solutions
Pryda provides an exclusive range of innovative problem-solving software to design and estimate. These programs are supplied to building designers, engineers and builders at no cost. The Pryda Designer Solutions CD contains:

Truss Systems Designer
The only software available for designers and builders to design floor and rafter trusses. Designs residential and commercial floors with selected dynamic performance levels, plus concentrated loads from walls, tiled areas, spas, etc. Roof rafters and purlins designed for a full range of wind speeds and roof materials. The software is user friendly and intuitive, and includes a cost comparison analysis for selection of the most cost effective specification for each truss application.

Pryda Frame
Designs virtually any structural timber component and calculates the most cost effective sizes of structural beams, joists, roof members, wall plates and studs.
A company specific design program that generates span tables in accordance with input of various parameters.
Laminated Timber Supplies GLTAA Software
Laminated Timber Supplies
The GLTAA software is a simple to use program which allows designers, builders and architects to input various load cases for a number of structural elements to generate a span table in accordance to the Glulam product selected.
Pocket Span Table Book
The PSTB is designed as an easy to use supplement to AS1684.2 Residential timber-framed construction.
Handy Span Table Book - Non-Cyclonic
A hardy, glove box sized book providing quick reference to timber sizes and span tables for Unseasoned Softwood F5, Unseasoned Hardwood F14, Seasoned Softwood MGP10 & MGP12, and Seasoned Hardwood F27.