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If you need to catch the attention of homeowners, builders, designers, architects or any other users of timber products, then you need to be visible on We are the first place Australians come to for timber-related information. Look for yourself: there is no comparable knowledge database to be found elsewhere on the net; and no other industry group knows the timber market as we do.

First, contact us for a free listing on our Timber Contacts Directory. Please supply:
  • The name of your business/association
  • The phone number to be displayed in the listing (only one phone number, please)
  • The category in our directory under which you wish to be listed (only one category, please)

Note that this free listing offer is only open for a trial period. Companies/associations must be Australian and must be related to the timber products industry. We reserve the right to refuse to list a company/association.

To stand out from your competitors please contact us about an enhanced listing. An enhanced listing comprises:
  • The name of your business/association
  • Your phone number(s)
  • Your fax number(s)
  • Your email address and the name of a contact person (optional)
  • Your website address
  • Your physical address
  • Three categories in our directory under which you wish to be listed

Better yet, contact us about a premium listing. A premium listing comprises:
  • Everything covered by an enhanced listing
  • Five categories in our directory under which you wish to be listed
  • A description of your business/association. This may include information about your various stores and products
  • The facility to include your logo(s) in your listing, hyperlinked to your website(s)

Finally, please contact us to advertise directly on our website. You may:
  • Place a logo/image and a link to your business/association on our frontpage
  • Include your logo/image and link among the banners which appear on the right hand side of of every page on our site.
  • Take out a monthly animated advertisement on our frontpage. The advertisement consists of up to nine images and links, shown in sequence.

We are happy to design an affordable advertising package to suit your needs.

And don't forget the Australian Timber Design Awards! The sponsorship of a category in the Awards offers one of the best possible means of raising the profile of your business/association among users of timber in Australia. Contact us now!