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ImageMost timber species can be used for furniture, specialty and craft applications.

The selection of timber for any of these applications requires a great deal of consideration and understanding of the final article and its intended use.

Applications such as wood turning, musical instrument making and pattern making normally require timber that is free of all defects, usually straight grained, quarter cut and properly seasoned.

Hardness is a factor that has to be considered for a number of reasons such as the difficulty in cutting or shaping or as a benefit in impact items like mallets or handles.

Natural aromas and flavours from timber can be a problem in uses like cutting boards and liquid storage tanks or vats. However timbers like American Oak are specifically used for wine barrels because of the flavours imparted to the wine. Other timbers like camphor laurel are used for cloth storage cupboards or boxes because of the moth-repelling nature of the aroma.

Very light weight timbers like Balsa and some Spruce varieties are ideal for items like kites, model planes and model boats while medium weight timbers like Queensland Maple, White Birch, Huon Pine and so on are ideal for carving.

Many commercially available species groups such as Tasmanian Oak, Victorian Ash and Pacific Maple (imported Shorea species) and species such as Western Red Cedar, Radiata Pine, Hoop Pine, Australian Cypress, Blackbutt and Spotted Gum are ideal for furniture and can be obtained from most building supply timber yards.

The more exotic timbers are usually obtained from specialty supply companies which normally have a wide range of species available, however shortage of supply in some species can occur because of logging conditions, weather, shipping and drying times and therefore all individual exotics are subject to availability.

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