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ImageSince the early days of European style building construction in Australia, timber floors have been a common feature in houses and public buildings. Conventional construction methods use the timber floor as an integral part of the building's structure.

Timber floors provide the basic walking surface in the building and increasingly are providing an attractive feature in a home or entertainment venue when polished to highlight the characteristics of the floor.

There are two main types of flooring products--structural flooring products and decorative flooring products.

Structural flooring products are used when the flooring supports the everyday loads applied and the flooring is in turn supported by joists or battens.

Decorative flooring products are used to provide a decorative finish when the floor does not support the everyday loads applied because the flooring is supported continuously by for example a concrete slab where battens are not used.

Structural flooring products can be used as decorative flooring products.

Flooring products include:
  • Structural sheet products such as plywood and particleboard
  • Structural flooring such as traditional tongued and grooved boards and
  • Decorative flooring such as parquet and the new overlay systems which provide a decorative finish to any solid structural flooring surface.

Decorative flooring products can be laid as a part of the initial construction or as a floor covering later on. However, conventional tongued and grooved strip flooring is the most cost effective when incorporated into the initial construction of the building.

A wide range of timber species is readily available in tongued and grooved strip flooring with numerous board widths and various aesthetic appearance grades to provide an enormous depth of choice to the consumer

A similar depth of choice is provided for overlay flooring which is installed over a solid base such as plywood, particleboard, old flooring or concrete. Products include pre-finished panel systems, mosaic (small fingers) parquet, block parquetry, thin tongued and grooved boards or specialty strip systems. Overlay flooring can be glued down, mechanically fixed or installed as a floating floor.

Grades and sizes for solid timber flooring

Solid timber flooring is a specialty timber product. Specialty timber products (sometimes referred to as milled products) include products that may have either a sawn or dressed surface and are graded primarily for appearance although some do have a strength requirement. They include flooring, cladding, lining boards, joinery products and domestic decking. There are several grades described in Australian Standards and a range of standard sizes available. See: Sawn or Milled Timber .

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The Australian Timber Flooring Association is the peak body for timber floors and timber flooring representing contractors, manufacturers and suppliers nationwide.

Advisory Service: 1300 36 1693 or 0409 878 093 (mobile)
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