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Environmental design is the process of addressing environmental factors when creating buildings, products or policies. Below, and on the linked pages, is some information about how using timber and wood products can help be part of this process and contribute to reducing environmental impacts.

Carbon Footprint

A carbon footprint is a measure of how much impact a particular product or component has in relation to global climate change. Wood products used in building and construction actually store the carbon absorbed by the growing tree for very long periods of time. Using more wood (and growing trees to replace it) reduces the carbon footprint of buildings. More...

Energy Efficiency

Energy Efficiency is about ensuring that the minimal amount of energy is needed to heat or cool a building over its lifetime. While timber and wood products are good insulating materials themselves, when used together with fibre or foil insulation in a well designed building, minimal external energy is needed to keep a building within the thermal comfort zone of its inhabitants. More...

Life Cycle Assessment

Life Cycle Assessment is an internationally accepted tool that pulls all environmental impacts together into consideration when comparing products and systems. The timber industry is leading the way in the acquisition of information about the environmental impacts of forests, harvesting, manufacturing process, installation, maintenance, recycling and disposal impacts of timber and wood products. This data is being made available to allow comparisons by life cycle assessment practitioners. More...

Waste & Recycling

When timber and wood products reach the end of their first life in a building or other use they either end up being reused, recycled or removed to waste. Fortunately, wood is such a versatile material that there are plenty of ways people can choose from to get a second, third and even a forth life from their wood product, and reduce the environmental impacts even further. More...

Environmental Benefits of Building with Timber
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National Timber Development Council
Environmentally Friendly Housing Using Timber
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National Timber Development Council
National Timber Product Stewardship Group National Timber Product Stewardship Group
The National Timber Product Stewardship Group (NTPSG) is an initiative of the timber and wood products industry to double the recovery of post-consumer timber and wood products.

Find out where to reuse or recycle your old timber or wood products.

Find resources to help you reuse or recycle timber and wood products.
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