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When done properly, a job you have done yourself can provide a sense of satisfaction and pride. The job might be as "small" as a sand pit or as "big" as a house. Plans, quantities and instructions for smaller "standard" type projects are often available from hardware stores and trade associations.

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If you intend to do part or all of any repair, renovation or building work in your home, there are a number of things you need to consider.

You need to be aware of any regulations, requirements or potential hazards which may relate to the disturbance, handling or disposal of materials such as lead, asbestos, treated timber, volatile organic compounds and powdered materials.

You need to be aware of the exact location of services such as electricity, gas, water, sewerage and storm water. Such services may be within the walls, the ceiling or the subfloor or be below ground (under or adjacent to the home). If you did break or puncture any services, there will be at best some embarrassment and at worst, a fatality.

You may need council approval before commencing the work.

You may need a licensed tradesperson for some parts of the work.

If you are going to "Do It Yourself" with repairs, renovations or extensions to your home, you will need to ensure you have all the relevant information. If you have any doubts or have any questions, please consult an expert: see our list of advisory services.